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Be a rebel

I grew up a pretty rambunctious kid. Always smarting off and getting into secret trouble. Breaking the rules at every turn, I carried that "no holds barred" attitude through college and into my 20s. As I matured, I still never lost that itch to go against the grain, however, I found another way to "rebel" more constructively. I purposefully chose to channel that insatiable need to be new, different, shocking, special, and memorable into graphic design and marketing. I love that there is a standard that needs breaking. That industries build content and design styles to "fit in" rather than stand out. It is the opposite of what should be done. Back in the day … artists were required to design with the utmost simplicity or send your prepress department into a massive mental breakdown. The technology was limiting and trying to break out of the norm was very difficult. Today, with the digital realm ramping up more and more each day, with 3-d, virtual technology floating

Lizard head background in pink shade

outside your computer screen* and being able to modify an image in a way that I can put my head on a model's body (I wish!) and look completely is mind-blowing. Augmented reality is coming on fast. Every industry is at the cusp of massive change. Like a freight train, it is coming whether we are ready or not. We have recently collaborated with a virtual team that can do all of the mind-blowing presentations. In this new and improved digital realm, you are not held to restrictions. We can design with fluidity and intentional complexity for the ultimate visual experience. We need to be aware and prepared for that light in the tunnel and not get mowed down. Don't let old ways limit your future. Push the envelope, have some fun.

Stand out. Be remembered. CALL NLC!

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