Infuse Love into your Brand for Success


Founder & CEO of Neon Lizard Creative Marketing & Design, Rebecca Rausch, uncovered the secret to raving fans and repeat clients.

The HEART Principle transformed a freelance artist's effort into a six-figure agency, including nine artists designing and marketing for companies across the globe. Find out why loyal, repetitive customers, joyfully return time and time again.

Who Are You?


Rebecca Rausch has had some "life" happen on occasion. Put it all together and it would make a very intense lifetime movie and what should be a very questionable ending._______________________


Drugs, games, guns, abuse, assault, rejection, and depression. Any of these things can take you out, ruin your future and cause a life full of misery.*


Or not.

Rebecca shares stories of her life and the traumas and dramas and how they apply to who she is today. She sprinkles it with experiences with which we can all identify. Some funny, some not so funny, but all memorable.

*Potential tears and trigger warning.