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Brand analysis

We start with a detailed, unbiased assessment of the brand you have represented prior to today. After your Brand Analysis, we set a plan for the future that incorporates and builds on the brand's success.

"If I am given 6 hours to cut down a tree,

I will spend the first 4 sharpening my ax."

—Abe Lincoln

Nurturing a brand identity is an ongoing challenge and takes time upfront to assess performance. However, it is important to know where we are starting and measure how far we need to go.


That is what a Brand Analysis is meant to achieve; to prepare the brand so that it is optimized and working at its maximum potential. We want to multiply what is successful and address the gaps in order to determine what is needed to increase your return.


A Brand Analysis reviews the brand message clarity and alignment with your values, your differentiator, the logo design, your selected brand persona, visuals, consistency, how the brand is being used and perceived, the metrics of the various platforms, engagement, website, usability, analytics, and brand awareness. It reviews and compares existing competition and areas of industry opportunity. Our brand audit provides a wide spectrum of data and suggestions for improvement to pave the path for success. 


A deep Brand Analysis is not for the faint of heart. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, we can help you get there.

Brand Analysis includes:

Brand Analysis Scorecard

       //Values Represented

       //Defined Differentiator

       //Prospect Targeting 

       //Message Clarity

       //Visuals Alignment + Logo Design

       //Visual Differentiation

       //Content Differentiation

       //Taglines + Naming Align

Logo + Identity Architecture 

       //Governance/Style Guides

       //Brand Recognition

       //Digital Platforms/Strategies

       //Website Score


       //Internal Buy-in


       //External Analysis





Is your logo design outdated? Off-target? Tired? Fresh and modern?

Branding design is an investment in your business, regardless if you are a start-up or an established business making a profit. Every 3-5 years, you should do a Brand Analysis to see if your brand identity is still relevant and in step with your values. If you haven't done this in the past 5 years, it is time to sharpen that ax.

A Brand Analysis evaluates your chosen differentiators to ensure your messaging, services/products, and customer connection are exactly what your prospect needs to compel them to action. Brands constantly evolve and grow, so they must be designed as an adaptable entity that needs to, not just respond to the market trends, but anticipate its trajectory earlier than later.

It is also essential to build Brand Equity. Brand Equity is the monetary and non-monetary assets of a brand. Non-monetary assets include intangible performance indicators such as public awareness, positive reputation, quality perception, and authority. Hard to measure but important nonetheless. Never underestimate the impact of emotion.

Hitting a wood with a axe
A visual representation of repeating same old strategy and result


The fact of the matter is that everything comes down to customer experience. Your primary goal is to exceed expectations.

NLC can't do this alone, so a partnership with us requires commitment from you as well. Time must be invested to unearth your "why" and create a mantra for your brand to live by. We need to investigate ways to "love on" your client in ways they would normally never expect.

What does your client love? What problem can you solve for them? What are industry expectations and how can you set a new bar? How can you create an event, service, or moment that will leave them amazed and gushing about you to all they meet?


So often, you already have a client under your wing that you can delight. You can target specifically based on the client you can best serve. Don't be confused, it is not quite ABM and not quite the shotgun approach, but a carefully selected segment. It's time to change the game.

"Advertise the same as everyone else and you advertise for the industry, not yourself."  —Unknown

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It is 70% easier

to sell to an existing client than a new one.

At NLC, we prefer a heart-felt approach for solutions that include honest dialogue and “meeting of the minds." We are a marketing agency that will push and stretch the envelope of the industry to allow your brand to be head and shoulders above the rest.


Your outbound efforts require the intangible elements of your brand identity to be an integrated marketing mix combined with your incredible marketing message and brand values. 

Intentional, positive, customer experiences, from engagement to sales, don't happen by accident and we will help you affirm this relationship at just the right time.

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What's your

brand's KPI?

Take our quiz to see how your brand measures up! Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the critical indicators of how well your brand resonates and performs.

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Neon Lizard Creative iconic lizard trademark

Define a vision for transformation and relationships rather than just transactions. No matter how terrific your relationship is, it is useless without a sales plan and approach to stimulate conversion and loyalty. This dual mindset ultimately delivers a sustainable competitive advantage and repetitive customers. We can help.

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