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Building Your Tribe

One of the best ways to build your brand is to build a community where you and the members can all help each other. The value in building a community around your brand is that it gets others involved in helping to promote your brand. Build a tribe of passionate people who care about the same things you do. This creates a pool of potential clients who already love you, know you and would choose you over a stranger all day long.

So how can you build a community?

  • Start a group. In this group, people can interact with each other, share ideas, interact with you, raise questions, etc. Whether you start a Facebook group, a Peer Circle, Charity or Networking group, take advantage of the need for people to be part of something outside themselves. Use this platform to leave the world better than you found it this morning.

  • Host live events. Live events allow you to meet members of your tribe in person. Coffee meetups, retreats, workshops, masterminds, and private dinners are all great ways to deepen your relationships with them.

  • Create a membership site. For a small monthly fee, you can give people exclusive access to you and the content you provide. You can also give them access to things like group calls every month, ongoing webinars, and a forum where they can interact with you and other members.

  • Host a Mastermind. Teach, encourage and lead with your extreme knowledge. It allows potential customers to get a taste of working with you, verifies your experience and expertise and more.

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