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Delegate it out!

What’s stopping you? Do you have some marketing tasks that you’ve been avoiding? Perhaps a new brand, a refresh? Fine-tuning your marketing messaging and visuals? Finding a way to “give back” without it costing a body part?

If you’re like a lot of executives that I’ve been talking to lately, you might have the conundrum of “do more with less” on your list. 2020 was pain and 2021, although more hopeful, still is not what we hoped. You also might be rethinking how you should approach the market because… things are just different now.

That’s where NLC comes in.

Women Owned Certification logo seal.

My name is Rebecca Rausch. I founded Neon Lizard Creative Marketing & Design LLC so that companies small to large could have access to all of the capabilities of a full marketing department – without the “big" cost. Senior-level Designers garners a wage of no less than $90,000. Creative Directors command up to $150k+. NLC offers you an entire Senior-level design team and two (yes, 2) Creative Directors at your fingertips for less than the cost of one hire. Ask about our job access portal! Stop/Start/Check Status anytime.

Neon Lizard Creative Marketing & Design LLC, a woman-owned, vibrant design firm that can keep your marketing cohesive and messaging on point while controlling what you wish, how you wish, and when you wish with our interactive CRM process. It literally is like having us in the room next door!

Here’s what people say about working with me and my team:

Rethinking your marketing approach could be just what you need to make your message more impactful and it can certainly put energy and intention into your goals for growth. The right presentation of the right message can absolutely ignite more interaction and engagement with potential customers.

Whether you need a fully outsourced marketing and design or simply need fractional help, we are happy to serve.

At NLC, we believe that as a business, we are leaders. As leaders, we have a responsibility to give back to society - internally and externally. We should leave each day behind better than we found it. It may be someth

ing that costs absolutely nothing but brings a smile. That’s more than most do and we’d like to share how we do it through your brand. We call it the HEART Principle and it is the extra layer of human authenticity that takes a great brand, over the top.

Schedule your Zoom call to get acquainted!


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