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Becoming an Effective Influencer

Now Is the Time to use Your Personal Brand to Become an Influencer

The simple truth is, you have a personal brand, whether you want to or not. Every single thing you share with your audience either adds to or takes away from your influence of those that follow you. You absolutely must be intentional about what and how you put content into the world.

As Kathy Klotz-Guest says, “We all have a personal brand whether we think about it that way or not. So, let’s be intentional about it.”

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s critical to devote at least some time each week to strengthen your brand. Your brand is one of your biggest assets.

Being a true influencer can take your business to places you never thought possible. You can become someone who can lead others in your industry which can result in speaking engagements, higher premiums, more sales and publicity.

Your competitors can’t bring what you bring to the table. They simply don’t have what you have to offer. You’re unique. Only you are you.

You have unique:

  • Experiences

  • Strengths

  • Beliefs

  • Perspectives

  • Skills

  • Insights

...that set you apart from everyone else. These are incredibly valuable and distinguish you from your competitors. You offer unique value that no other person can offer. No one else can bring to the table what you can. No one else has your unique combination of skills, insights, and experiences.

The more valuable the content you share, the more you demonstrate that you’re an expert who should be trusted.

With every piece of content that you share:

  • Social media posts

  • Blog posts

  • Emails

  • Videos

  • Inspirational graphics

  • Meditations

  • Affirmations

  • Audiobooks

  • Podcasts establish yourself as an expert in your field; as someone who really knows what they’re talking about; as a thought leader in your arena.

Demonstrate your knowledge and insight into a watching world. You’re proving just how much value you offer and that you’re the go-to person in your industry.

Connect with other influencers, share techniques and platforms to expand your reach. See

When you’re known as the expert in your industry:

  • It attracts your ideal audience - the people who need your help the most.

  • You get more referrals from others in your industry and related industries.

  • You can charge a premium price - the kind of price that only an expert can charge.

Tony Robbins is a prime example of this. For years, he has been sharing the same message of self-empowerment. Everything he says, every video he puts out, every book he writes has the same brand message: you can develop into a powerful individual and I can help you to do that. Over time, he has established himself as one of, if not the go-to person in the self-development arena.

The results?

  • He attracts huge audiences of people who want to fulfill their potential.

  • Millions of people read his books and follow him on social media.

  • Tony can charge a premium price for his services.


By consistently building his personal brand over many years, Tony Robbins now has people flocking to him for advice. Do you want to experience the Tony Robbins effect? Do you want to be known as the go-to person in your industry? Then it’s absolutely essential that you begin building and sharing your personal brand today. Find a step-by-step process for building your personal brand here.

Avoid waiting any longer to build your personal brand. Get started on it today! Your audience needs you. Get out there and start serving them. You’ll be glad you did!

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