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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

There are so many four-letter descriptive words, some of which make you sound like a sailor! I grew up in the South, and we called that, "talkin' ugly." However; some of these words, though not really bad, are still negative and can affect your business in a negative manner.

Think about these words and what they imply:








“We just can’t do it. That won’t work out. We just need a little more time. It’s just too hard."

Four-letter word sounding like Popeye the sailor man

The negative connotation can be subtle and pervasive. This type of declaration is not helpful and can be insidiously destructive. It propagates an infectious, closed mindset. Perhaps a change in your way of thinking may improve your attitude about your job or business, even the business bottom line!

Alternative methods of conveying the same thing:

Can’t Will

Won’t Could

Just I bet if

Only What if

Need It might be a good

More Let's review the details

Hard It might be easier if

Here are some other positive four-letter words to work into the conversation:

Kind, Grow, Care, Able, Help, Love, Hope...the list goes on and on. Check out this resource below to work some new language into your vernacular.

The English language is chock-full of affirming words you can use to express your opinion. The fact is, the intentional use of positive words can transform your business. Positivity is a value that you can declare and live as a brand. Practicing positivity will change frustration into a challenge of how something can be accomplished. Rather than negating a suggested idea and having the contributor feel belittled, assume every idea has merit and possibility.

People may not remember the words you say,

but they will remember how you made them feel.

It is always better to think in terms of how you can make something happen rather than brushing off something that seems too hard to do. Who remembers the camp song "Going on a Bear Hunt?" The premise of which is that they come across various obstacles and instead of giving up, the campers sing, "I can't go through it, can't go under it, gotta go around it!" etc. There is always a solution when faced with a business challenge. It simply may take a little extra ingenuity and articulation. (See how I did that? I used "simply" rather than "just".)

Mayo Clinic reports that positive attitudes improve your health and well-being. How you view the world affects your reality and self-talk. Rose-colored glasses decrease stress levels. This will lower blood pressure and lead to better productivity as well as a more jovial community. Approaching challenges with positive creativity may even lead to better solutions!

So, smile more often, believe in yourself, coworkers and business. Assume the best, first. Be pleasant and compliment your staff at every opportunity. Let positive feelings permeate your life and brand, it can be downright contagious.

Have a "negative nanny" in your midst? Share this with all of your associates and lead by example!

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