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Tips for a Shatter-Proof Client Relationship

There are a million acronyms in branding and marketing, but none are more critical than CLV/CLTV/LTV— i.e., your client’s long-term value.

No business wants transient clientele. Having clients who love you and are loyal and repetitive customers are gold to your business. Putting in the extra effort to exceed expectations and create unique and memorable ways to show them that you care and value their business is instrumental in developing a shatter-proof relationship.

What does that look like? Listening.

“Yeah, yeah, I listen. They want this and that.” Did you really listen? Are you listening for traits that are an integral part of their being? What charities do they champion? Do they have issues at home, such as a disabled child or elderly parent who consumes their life outside of the office? What about problems and stresses at work? What is their history? Any hobbies? Where did they grow up? Do they have pets? What is their life's passion?

A very happy and ecstatic client

You may ask, “Why do I care about all of that? What difference does that make?” Step back from the transactional mindset buckaroo. Imagine the emotional impact of you joining in on an awareness walk or fundraiser on behalf of your client’s disabled child? Maybe donate to their favorite charity. Send a meal from their famous “hometown” restaurant when they mention they have worked late for weeks? Even something as small as forwarding an article about dealing with an elderly parent or a funny meme of a similar pet can warm their heart. Always keep notes and ask after something they shared during your last conversation. Refer them to a colleague with a glowing description. The point is to let them know that you think about them and value them as a person, a business leader, as well as a client.

Once your client has plenty of proof that you are their biggest cheerleader and that you strive to exceed expectations so that they will have incredible success, they will realize that they likely aren't going to find that "love" anywhere else. Who wouldn’t stick around for THAT?

Don't have that relationship with your agency? Give us a call, we'd love to show you all the "feels"!

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