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Five ways businesses are giving back... what are you doing?

As a business, you are a leader. As a leader, it is your responsibility to lead! How your business gives back to your community makes a difference and is an example for others to emulate.

Add-vantage Realty, run by Ann Jones of Shakopee, MN, is just that type of business. Her “Hearts of Service Advantage” is a discount program for all emergency responders, teachers, and military. Ann feels strongly about this group because she admires them and hears about the struggles and sacrifices they make to help the community as a whole.

“Every day you give your all, the least I can do is give you a break.” — Ann Jones

Ann provides honesty, patience, guidance, and resources so that these essential servants have a 100% positive experience during their home purchase or sale transaction. She strives to take the stress out of moving & save them money as well as provide HOS Sellers a 25%discount on commission and offers HOS Buyers .05% of their purchase price back after closing. Does she have to do this? No. She simply wants first responders, teachers, and those who protect our neighborhoods and families to know that they are appreciated.

Do you qualify as a Hearts of Service Add-vantage client? Contact Ann if you are, she would be thrilled to help you. 952.445.8636.

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What about you?

Are you a business that wants to make an impact on your local community? Through charities and some creative thinking, you can use your business to help others and start a movement with your networks and industry leaders.

Check out these five ways businesses are giving back.

1. Incorporate a charitable element into your business plan by participating in fundraising events for a local charity. Just make sure you donate products or services to events that align with your company values.

2. Create a collaborative Holiday Campaign with other businesses to provide gifts to underprivileged kids' families. All of us are networking all the time, call in those favors and show those who are struggling that they are not alone!

3. Install GoodShop on all of your company's Chrome browsers. Every search raises money for charities and philanthropic efforts.

4. Find a “partner of synergy.” Perhaps you are a florist, align with a local funeral home to deliver flowers for a ceremony at an elder care home. Or if you are a paper company, donate your paper waste to a company that recycles paper into products that promote organic sustainability.

5. Create a mentorship program, offer internships, or share free industry-related educational seminars/webinars with students and job seekers.

Giving back feels good to all involved!

Even though it takes a little time and effort out of your week to organize and/or participate in charitable events, giving back feels fantastic! Plus, it could help you expand your network by meeting more people in your industry and community. The best part, though? You’re helping people truly in need.

So let’s follow the example set by Ann Jones of and give more to the community around us!

Are you doing something special? We'd love to give you a shout-out! Contact us at:

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