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Avatars, Personas, Ideal Clients...

These are the fictitious people who embody the characteristics of your demographic. But stop, think for just a second. Do not get caught up in all the fancy lingo and terminology of the advertising world. Don't let marketers tell YOU who your ideal client should be. Don't get caught up in the demographics, income, and 2.5 kids... THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Marketing should NOT be a shotgun approach. Yes, you may get clients...but are they "perfect match" clients? Will you spend more time wrestling with opinions and attitude, revisions, and disgruntlement and end up losing money? Why bother? Get focused!

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Who do you currently serve that is your favorite client? The one that is easy to work with, trusts your judgment, and knows that you have their back? Who is the client that fits perfectly into your culture and appreciates all you have to offer? Who is the client that will truly see the benefit of your skillsets and products? What is it about them that lights you up? Demographics are great for narrowing the field, but the CLIENT YOU CAN BEST SERVE is your perfect match. Period.

Decide who that is first and foremost. Ask your current "perfect fit" clients to refer you. Talk to them about what they love about you and how you work. Fine-tune your marketing message and brand design to appeal to only THAT SPECIFIC client-type. By doing that, you will attract more clients who embody the values and attitudes you enjoy.

But lizard lady, won't that narrow my client base too much?

They are not the only client out there, so get picky, target precisely who you are seeking. Then serve them on a level they have never experienced and let them know that you value everything they are to your business. When they fall absolutely head-over-heels in love with your brand and services, they will gush to everyone that walks by. They'll be the first ones to refer you on social. Trust the process of human nature.

These are the just first steps to creating a fantastic relationship with your client. A relationship that will lead to more profitability and even your day-to-day happiness. Enjoy.

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