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A Supportive Shark Tank

Another thoughtful guest post!

Colleen Moselle | President + COO

Work at Coco co-working spaces throughout the Twin Cities.

Throughout my career journey, I have worked at and with companies of all sizes. Regardless of my given work situation, I always found myself craving an escape from my current “office.” Whether it was for a focus day or just to shift my energy, I found myself migrating to local coffee shops. There was something about the “buzz” of a coffee shop that elevated my sense of inspiration and happiness. People were choosing to be there to relax, engage, connect, re-energize.

Map with pins of meeting place, spaces, and event venue at Minneapolis, MN.

I love coffee but even more than the amazing smells and soul-warming drinks, I found myself inspired by the environment and energy.

The first time I walked into a coworking space in 2012, I felt that coffee shop buzz on steroids. The energy, freedom, movement, and inspiration were palpable. Inside of one space, I could meet and connect with architects, health professionals, software engineers, chiropractors, construction professionals, consultants, teachers, and countless others all pursuing their dreams. I continued to be drawn back to the spaces for meetings and days when I needed extra inspiration, connection, or a change of scenery.

In 2019, when it became possible for me to help lead a company that was a pioneer in this space in Minneapolis, (Work at Coco), I jumped at the opportunity to be a more integral part of the community and spaces I had grown to love so much. The entrepreneurial spirit that flows through the halls of flexible workspaces, as well as the community of professionals who found and operate in them is uplifting and inspiring. Most often the question I hear is, “how can I help you?” Working crazy hours and going to the ends of all things we thought possible, this community is never too busy to stop and help a fellow professional. One of our members summed it up best when he said,

Have you ever heard "you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with?" Well, I would go a step further and say you're also the average of the five biggest things you do every day.

A shared workplace is like Shark Tank, except everyone is rooting for you to win... It's paid dividends on my personal and professional life over and over. It's not an expense, it's an investment in yourself and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

If you are looking for a way to connect with a friend, your team or shift your inspiration and energy I would strongly encourage you to check out a shared workspace. There is a community of amazing people waiting to welcome you and lift you up. If you happen to be in the Minneapolis area, I would LOVE to welcome you to our spaces and community at Work at Coco. We have flexible membership options to meet you where you are in a space that can be personalized for you. We are here every day to listen, engage, support and help you be the most successful version of yourself. We have pretty great coffee, too!

Colleen Moselle | President + COO

(formerly COCO)

Mobile: 651-261-3099

LinkedIn: colleen-moselle

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