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H.G. Wells had no idea.

The Invisible Man, science-fiction novel by H.G. Wells, was published in 1897. Little did he know that over the years “invisibility” would morph into a marketing term meaning that your business is invisible in the market!

If only there was a team that could come in and take the stress of marketing off of your plate. A group of professionals that guide you on how to strengthen your brand, and create a unique visual style while nailing the values and message of your business.

What a dream to grab and keep the attention of your prospect! They now notice you and listen to what you have to say. Your new stellar team builds a relationship of authenticity and trust so your prospects are happy to buy from you.

The Invisible Man, science-fiction novel by H.G. Wells

You’ve heard of a company like that, Neon Lizard Creative Marketing & Design. You’ve heard the chatter of how NLC helps builds a foundational brand that opens the eyes of your potential clients. You've seen the great work and "giddy clients" touted on social media.

You totally get that branding is not just the logo. You know that all the parts working together like a well-oiled machine is the secret sauce to success. Thank goodness for companies like Neon Lizard who enjoy the journey, value transformation over transaction, and put the client first.


Browse around, check out our FREE killer resources page and tons of testimonials to see how we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the country emerge from the abyss.

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