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How to Ask A Corporate Event Photographer For Pictures

This is an informative guest post by Christa Reed Photography. We at NLC are blessed to have so many wonderful partners who help our clients. Thank you Christa!

As we get back to gathering post-COVID you might be attending corporate events where there’s a photographer. I find many businesses want pictures from these events but don’t know how to get them. Here are a few tips to help you make a professional ask for event pictures.

Usually, event attendees are not the photographer’s clients.

The first thing to know is event photographers are contracted to their clients. With most corporate events, the clients will be event planners. They hire the photographer and sign a photography contract.

So reach out to the event planners first. They should know their contract terms and can help you. This is how attendees get pictures from events I photograph. If planners want to share pictures, we put it in their contract. After I deliver pictures to event planners they may send all attendees a link to the photo gallery.

Corporate event reception picture taken by a photographer

Contact the photographer by email.

What if event planners don’t share pictures with you? If this is your situation, the most professional thing you can do is find out who the photographer was and email them.

In your email introduce yourself. Give the name and date of the event. Explain how you plan on using the pictures. Then ask what the photographer needs from you in order to provide pictures.

Be prepared to purchase pictures.

If the photographer’s contract doesn’t give attendees complimentary pictures, you’ll be asked to purchase them. This is because the photographer needs to uphold their client contract. If having event pictures is valuable to your marketing, then it’s worth it to invest in a few professional images.

Event pictures can be a big win for your business.

The next time you attend a corporate event and want professional pictures, use these tips for the best chance of getting some. Connect with the planners if possible. Know that every photographer’s contract is different. Then respect the event contract terms on delivering pictures to attendees.

When a photographer honors the contract they have with event planners, it benefits everyone who participated in the event. This is the biggest win you can have.

-Christa Reed is an experienced wedding and event photographer in the Minneapolis area. View more of her work here.

Christa Reed Photography ph. 612.965.1591

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