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Money matters

Many companies face issues like we are ALL facing and the first thing that is cut from the ever-shrinking budget is design and marketing. However, I'd like to put forth that THAT is the last thing that should be cut! Being out of the public eye, not finding the groove and niche that makes you stand out as a leader during this time is a death sentence.

Macro shot of a rolled 5 dollar bills

At Neon Lizard, we focus on your marketing and messaging FIRST. Unlike other design firms or strictly marketing firms, we understand that yes, we need a beautiful design, but without the right message, it is a dud. The design MUST undergird the message. There has to be a creative bend that stops potential clients in their tracks. It must be consistent across platforms if you want a presence.

But... oh wise lizard, how is that done?

We would love to show you. A brainstorming session can elicit avenues and methods you may not have considered. It's worth the time if it saves your company.

Example: An automotive company we serve had a downturn in clients. The client said, "Oh, that is just this time of year. It happens, part of the industry, won't come back until November." However, this client trusted NLC when we said, "NO - we can work around this. Don't roll over." We developed a campaign playing off the idea that since you've been with the kids all summer, and now they are in school some of the time, you finally have time to get your car winter-ready. Oh, and by the way, here is a discount. Better hurry before there is a big line and you have to wait! Seems simple, but he may not have done anything as "it is just the industry." ​Needless to say, within a week of the campaign, he was busy. Sometimes, people just need a nudge and a carrot.

Don't do what you have always done, think out of the box.

If you would like to learn more or do a FREE brain-storming strategy session to generate ideas that are not industry standard... give us a call! 952.452.0168

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