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Building Your Social Media Profile


Follow these steps to set up your social media profiles in a professional manner.

  • Select your username Generally, this will be your name. Do not select something you like, such as TulipGirl197. Use your full name. Your username typically is also the URL of your social profile. Ideally you want to keep your username the same across all the social networks. For Facebook, set up a professional page as well, not just a personal profile. So, for example, your Facebook page username should be

  • Select a secure password This password should be a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols that are impossible for anyone to guess. Don’t use an easily guessable password such as your last name, your pets name or your birthday. For sure, don't use your birthday or the year and exclamation marks! Too easy to hack!

  • Upload a professional headshot Hire a professional headshot photographer to take your photo. Don’t use an illustration, graphic, landscape, or family photo as the headshot unless your brand is intentionally playful. Most people want to see a real person they can connect to, so don't be afraid to show them your beautiful smile.

  • Upload a professionally designed cover photo Your cover photo is the landscape photo that sits behind your profile photo. Be sure to, include your Unique Service Proposition (USP - see Step # 4 here), on the cover photo. Canva is a great tool that makes it easy to add text to photos, but better yet, get it done by a pro. Remember, no one cares what your building looks like. You need to show them what you do and how you can help them. On Facebook, you can also upload a video in place of your cover photo. This could be an opportunity for you to talk about your brand and the specific ways that you serve people.

  • Upload a channel trailer (YouTube) A channel trailer is a brief video that explains what your channel is all about. Again, this is a great place to talk about your brand and how you serve people. Also, talk about what people can expect to get from your channel.

  • Thoroughly fill out your “About” section Include website links and your bio. You should also include your Unique Service Proposition. Talk about your brand and specifically how you help people. Also, if you have space (it depends on the social network), tell the story of your business and how you arrived at where you currently are.

  • Enter all your contact information This should include your general business email (not personal), your website, a business phone number, a business address, and links to any other social media profiles that you have.

  • Upload your resume (LinkedIn) Enter all the dates of your previous jobs, as well as the job you currently have. Enter your education, as well as any awards that you have received. Also, if you’ve been published in any high profile outlets, remember to add those as well. This is your place to show off.

  • Enable two-factor authentication to keep your profile safe. Two-factor authentication requires two different factors, such as a password and a pin from a text message, in order to login. Enabling two-factor authentication keeps your profile from being hijacked by hackers.

  • Adjust your privacy settings so that everyone can see your account. Because your goal is to build your brand, you want as many people as possible to be able to see your account. Don’t keep it set to private. Allow anyone to see your profile and posts.

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