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Make the Time to Follow Your Dreams

Time is relative. There is enough time to create and steer your course. If you really want to do something large, like start a business, you need to budget your time and finances carefully. Business owners are famous for giving too much to the dream and not making time for themselves. You need to create the time for yourself. No more excuses! (preaching to myself!)

Prioritize the most important tasks that you do daily and delegate anything that someone else can effectively do. Micromanaging is stupid, hire well and trust them to do their job. This will help you to create the time you will need to focus on your dream. Your time is worth your hourly wage-right? Then why spend time doing tasks that someone at less-than-half-your-wage can do? You literally are throwing money down the drain! Use your time to make money, not waste it. Delegate as much as you can. (Read Tim Ferris, "The 4-Hour Workweek")

Avoid sabotaging yourself by making lame excuses. Excuses are simply evidence that you are not evaluating tasks clearly and intentionally attempting to triage the most important. If you are fully committed to securing your dream, then determine how much time you need to spend on each task. You are the boss. Manage that time as not to get bogged down or distracted by something that has nothing to do with the task at hand. A.D.D. are us. Ha

Whirling spiral time on a clock

I feel you, I get it. I am the poster child for easily distracted, ooh look, “Shiny Squirrel!” I am learning to lessen that distraction bait by turning off all notifications, including my phone, mail and social. I also set a timer for the allotted time to work on the ONE task. It is hard to accept, but if I make a litany of excuses, it doesn't absolve me of the failure, it makes me appear weak and flaky. No one really cares why something didn’t get delivered on time, they just want the promised product or service. I'm committed to making my deadlines, you can do it too.

I am the poster child for easily distracted, ooh look, “Shiny Squirrel!”

Dependability is a brand value, make a plan to truly live up to it.

You’ve got this. The world is your oyster, go get it.

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