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Total Pet Wellness social media Facebook brand design
Total Pet Wellness logo design

Client: Total Pet Wellness
Industry: Veterinary
Services provided: Logo, Branding, Strategy, Marketing, Graphic Design, Print, Interior Design, Social Media, Web Design, Signage


When a company has been around for years and is successful, it is important to maintain the integrity and heart of the original owner. Our client worked with the previous owner, as a second vet, for several years. When he retired, she opted for a refresh and rebrand to inject new life into this well-known establishment.


We were able to help her come up with a name and slogan that would grow with her as she added services.  We designed in a way that showed her love for her animal patients to both existing and new clients.

Total Pet Wellness postcard design mockup
Total Pet Wellness business sign post

about brand

At NLC we are sticklers for a great card; even one as simple as this reaches a whole new level when printed on a laminated silk stock with raised UV. It is a cost-efficient way to get the feel of embossed without the expense and long turnaround.

When you've been around as long as we have, you learn a few tricks to up the game at half the cost.

Total Pet Wellness business card design
Total Pet Wellness website design

that sells

Nothing sells better than babies and puppies, or perhaps make that kitties and puppies! This adorable site highlights the love we all have for our pets and how they depend on us for their happiness and health.

NLC helped create a seamless onboard process and website that leads new clients through to the action page.  We can help you do that too.

Total Pet Wellness website design in Photoshop mockup
Total Pet Wellness mobile responsive website design

Mobile version

A mobile web presence does not have to be linear and boring. Adding art and shape engages the viewer and invites them to scroll.


The longer they investigate the site, the better your SEO ranking. Little things like that can make a big difference in your company being found in the ocean of the world wide web.

Total Pet Wellness social media Facebook banner design


Carrying through the love of pets theme is important because that is our client's "why." We want our pets to be cared for by someone who not only knows how to keep them healthy but is also overjoyed to see them. The connection is infectious, and we feel better knowing that our veterinarian loves our pet too.

Making sure that that "why" permeates each and every brand element is key to being remembered. There are a ton of vets out there, but which one would you choose?

Total Pet Wellness social media Facebook ad design
Social media reaction emojis
Animated neon colored background
Neon Lizard Creative iconic lizard trademark

Branding is inherently self-centered. As you craft your mission, vision, and values, you must remember that you’re not creating a brand for your own entertainment. You’re doing it for your customers, staff, company culture and, ultimately, your business growth. 

We can help you do that.

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